TN9710x-TB3: Multi-speed 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Thunderbolt™ 3

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TN9710x-TB3: Multi-speed 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Thunderbolt™ 3

10G Max Performance, More than 1G over legacy cables!

With low power consumption, the TN9710x-TB3 is the first bus-powered 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Thunderbolt™ 3 adapter.
It offers attractive cost and small size required for the consumer market.

The ideal solution for USB type-C based products such as Apple’s MacBook Pro (2016), thin Ultrabook computers and other Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology equipped devices, which seek to communicate with an existing Ethernet infrastructure while coping with the increasing demand for higher network bandwidth.


The TN9710x-TB3 Network Adapter reference design hosts the latest Tehuti TN4010 controller, an optimized 10GbE controller designed for low-power, low-cost and single-port applications. The TN4010 MAC is paired with Intel’s DSL6340  Thunderbolt™ 3 Alpine ridge Single port device and with one of the Marvell Alaska® X 88X3310P/88E2010P transceivers, single-port, low power, high performance NBASE-T PHYs devices which support the new IEEE  5GBase-T and 2.5GBase-T standard.

The Tehuti adapter reference design supports auto-negotiation allowing the NBASE-T solution to optimally select the best speed: 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), 5 Gigabit Ethernet (5GbE), 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (2.5GbE), 1Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or 100 Megabit Ethernet (100MbE) over Cat5e/Cat6 or better cabling.

Key Features

  • USB Type-C and Thunderbolt™3 technology: One port to connect them all
  • IEEE 802.3an 10G, 1G and 100M over up to 100m of Cat6a (or better) cables
  • IEEE P802.3bz (NBASE-T) 5G and 2.5G over up to 100m of Cat5e (or better) cables
  • Low Cost, Low Power, 10 Gigabit performance
  • 9K Jumbo Frames
  • IP, TCP, UDP checksum offloading
  • RMON statistics
  • IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN
  • Virtual NIC support
  • Reduced CPU utilization and improved throughput